If Citizen Kane Was Required Viewing In School, Would The World Be A Better Place?

citizen-kaneCitizen Kane is most often cited as the greatest movie ever made. There’s really no point in arguing that because everything about it is superlative. The acting and direction are perfect. The cinematography and staging are breathtaking. Some will argue for other movies, but Kane is flawless. If I were forced to make one concession, it would be that Casablanca’s script was better. Maybe.

I think it’s safe to say that movies have become the art form of the masses. Walk up to a random person and try to talk about the most popular painting, play, sculpture, song, or book (religious texts aside), and you may have a hard time getting a conversation going. Talk [...]

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Gattaca: Beware The Man With Dirty Genes

As long as there have been people, there’s been a desire to change the way we are. We’ve found ways to manipulate some of these things- dye our hair, wear colored contacts, exercise to get stronger, train to run faster. But wouldn’t it be nice if we were just born that way? We could have the inate ability to run a four minute mile or grow to exactly six feet five inches or have strawberry blond hair. And not only tweak our physical traits, but be born disease-free and without the chance of developing disease later in life. It’s every parent’s dream- to have a physically perfect child molded to their own specifications. [...]

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No Quandary For Old Men

So, I’ve seen No Country for Old Men three times now, and I’m still not feelin’ it. It’s easily the Coen brother’s best movie since 2001′s The Man Who Wasn’t There, but I’m not sure it’s really worthy of all the praise it’s received. [...]

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