Weekend Predictions: 11-21-08

I think we’re in for the second biggest movie weekend of the year, with Bolt and Twilight opening and Madagascar 2 and Quantum of Solace still out there. [...]

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Assessing The Weekend: Quantum Of Box Office

For the first time since the middle of August, moviegoers spent more than $100 million at the movies on back-to-back weekends. [...]

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Weekend Predictions: 11-7-08

Here we are, the first full weekend of November- the first weekend with a 4,000+ screen movie since The Dark Knight. [...]

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Assessing The Weekend: High School Musical Still Rules

Once again, High School Musical 3 was tops at the box office. But it was a down weekend overall, actually the smallest weekend of the year. [...]

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Weekend Predictions: 10-24-08

This weekend looks to be a two horse race to the bank between High School Musical 3: Senior Year and Saw V. [...]

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Weekend Predictions: 10-17-08

I’m going to go out on a limb and say Beverly Hills Chihuahua won’t dominate the box office again. It’s possible it could do $10.5 million, but it’s got to drop off at some point. [...]

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Weekend Predictions: 10-10-08

It’s another big movie weekend, with four movies debuting on over 2,000 screens. I’ve done some more research and feel a little better about my formula. [...]

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Weekend Predictions: 10-3-08

So, this is a big weekend for movies, with six debuting on, and one expanding to, 1000+ screens. That’s actually pretty unusual- there haven’t been seven movies on 1000+ screens since January 12, 2007. [...]

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Assessing The Weekend: Disappointment At St. Anna

The results are in and as predicted, Eagle Eye crushed the competition at the box office, raking in $29,150,721, a respectable $8,305 per screen. The marketing and good buzz proved quite a boost. Miracle at St. Anna was on the opposite end of the spectrum, making a paltry $3,477,996. [...]

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