Sony Pictures CEO Says Nothing Good Has Come From The Internet

bad-internetThese studio executives, they’ve had a good month. First Fox Sweden’s CEO says ratings promote piracy. Now the CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment says nothing good has come of the Internet.

At a recent panel on the future of filmmaking, CEO Michael Lynton said, “I’m a guy who doesn’t see anything good having come from the Internet. Period.” He further goes on to claim the Internet has “created this notion that anyone can have whatever they want at any given time. It’s as if the stores on Madison Avenue were open 24 hours a day. They feel entitled. They say, ‘Give it to me now,’ and if you don’t give it to [...]

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3D Moving Out Of Theaters, Into Homes

3d-tvIt’s no secret that, for ill or for nil, 3D is going to be the next big thing for movies. Sure 3D movies are nothing new, but they faded into obscurity for a couple decades and if there’s anything Hollywood likes, it’s taking the old and making it new again. Whenever profits stop climbing at a meteoric pace, they need something to reinvigorate the cash-flow. VHS begat DVD. DVD begat Blu-ray. And so it goes.

At the moment, 3D movies are hot. Hot, hot. Hot to the point that it can take a warmed-over remake like My Bloody Valentine and turn it into a box office monster.

Well yeah, duh, of course movies are going [...]

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To Be Successful, Don’t Shoot For The Stars

Forbes came up with a little formula to compare the amount an actor is payed versus the approximate net revenue of the movie, and these are some of the lowest producing stars. [...]

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Accounting For Harry Potter

There have been a few theories on the real reason for the change. One is that the studio didn’t want competition from Twilight. However, Twilight’s release date is December 12th, three weeks after Harry’s original date. Pretty questionable seeing as how Harry would have made the vast bulk of it’s money by then. [...]

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