Horror Movie Musings

I’ve been watching a lot of horror movies lately. Some good, some bad. Mostly bad. Are there any good horror movies made in the US anymore?

With these half-assed horror remakes, is it better to see the original first to know what the remake did so wrong or see the remake first to see what the original did so well?

How can a deranged killer elude an entire police force, find every hidden entrance and exit, kill everyone that gets in his way, and somehow manage to be outsmarted by a teenage girl?

When a cop is stationed in their cruiser outside a house, it’s usually a death sentence.

To date, John Carpenter and Wes Craven have both had 11% of their movies remade, [...]

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The Three Stooges Ride Again?

Next up for the Farrelly Brothers will be perhaps the most ambitiously repugnant thing they’ve attempted yet, a Three Stooges movie. [...]

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Public Domain Movie Of The Week: M

Fritz Lang’s M is the grandfather of serial killer movies. If you thought Psycho or The Silence of the Lambs were good, they’ve got nothing on M. [...]

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5 Directors I Hate- And You Should Too

So, these guys are terrible. I mean so awful they make me wish for an acute case of hysterical blindness. Or maybe a sharp stick to jab out my eyes and the eyes of anyone sitting near me. [...]

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