Public Domain Movie Of The Week: Captain Kidd

captain-kiddOnce upon a time, pirate movies were all the rage. People used to love all the plundering and high seas hi-jinks. Pirate movies hit a huge lull until Pirates of the Caribbean, but there was a whole mess of them from the 20′s through the 50′s. One of the more interesting offerings is 1945′s Captain Kidd.

Charles Laughton plays the eponymous pirate who manages to trick the King into giving him a ship and a crew full of condemned pirates. Kidd is expected to complete his charge and the crew expects a pardon for faithful service, but Kidd has other plans. He hopes to have others blamed for his acts of piracy while he reclaims [...]

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A New Space Odyssey

It looks like Brad Pitt is a big fan of Homer- the Greek poet, not Simpson. Not only did he star in Troy, the adaptation of Homer’s Iliad, but he’ll also star in an upcoming adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey. [...]

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Hi-Yo, Black Pearl, Away!

Today Disney had a big preview of several of their movies coming in the next few years. And not exactly surprisingly, Johnny Depp was the centerpiece. [...]

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