The Growing Importance Of Opening Weekend

Since starting this site, I’ve had a growing fascination with metrics by which movies are measured. Being mathematically inclined, I guess it was a nice fit. Plus it’s more interesting to look into the numbers behind some of these movies than it is to watch them.

My history delving into movie numbers only goes back to last September, so I don’t have a long history of knowledge to draw from, but it seems to me that even since just last year, there’s been a noticeable increase in the importance of a movie having a big opening weekend. Sure, having a big opening weekend should always be the goal of a movie, but it takes several [...]

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Assessing The Weekend: How Long Until High School Musical 4?

The weekend proved to be a two horse race. Outside of High School Musical 3 and Saw V, the only movie that cracked $2,500 per screen was The Secret Life of Bees. [...]

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Weekend Predictions: 10-17-08

I’m going to go out on a limb and say Beverly Hills Chihuahua won’t dominate the box office again. It’s possible it could do $10.5 million, but it’s got to drop off at some point. [...]

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Weekend Predictions: 10-10-08

It’s another big movie weekend, with four movies debuting on over 2,000 screens. I’ve done some more research and feel a little better about my formula. [...]

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Weekend Predictions: 10-3-08

So, this is a big weekend for movies, with six debuting on, and one expanding to, 1000+ screens. That’s actually pretty unusual- there haven’t been seven movies on 1000+ screens since January 12, 2007. [...]

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Assessing The Weekend: Disappointment At St. Anna

The results are in and as predicted, Eagle Eye crushed the competition at the box office, raking in $29,150,721, a respectable $8,305 per screen. The marketing and good buzz proved quite a boost. Miracle at St. Anna was on the opposite end of the spectrum, making a paltry $3,477,996. [...]

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Weekend Predictions: 9-26-08

It’s Friday and the new releases are upon us, so I’ve been working on my box office prediction formula. I predict Eagle Eye will win the weekend going away. [...]

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