Weekend Predictions: 01-23-09

rise-of-the-lycansNot a great weekend for new movies, this. Only two new movies will appear in more than 81 theaters, and then less than 3,000. But if you like those movies that were nominated for Academy Awards, several are expanding to wider releases. Now’s the time for them to capitalize on all that award buzz.

Check out all my detailed calculations here.

The biggest new release is the much anticipated Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, in 2,942 theaters. The first Underworld was a pretty decent movie, but the second one started getting a little too concerned with the mythology, but heck, it did outgross the first one. Even though the third installment goes to new, nerdlier, [...]

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By Crom! Brett Ratner Has A New Franchise To Kill

Is it just a coincidence that Brett Ratner’s last name sounds an awful lot like Rat Turd? Maybe his ineptitude isn’t his fault and that phonetic relation has caused him to take on personality traits not of his last name, but those associated with rat turds. [...]

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For Movies, June 1981 Is A Very Good Vintage

So, when looking back, June 1981 was a very good month for movies. You may be thinking that’s pretty obvious since that was when Raiders of the Lost Ark, Superman II, and the latest James Bond caper For Your Eyes Only were released, but there were several other movies released that month that made it something special. [...]

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