5 Christmas Movies I’ll Be Watching

I’ve never really been hot on all the traditional Christmas movies. Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life are swell enough, but I don’t get an itch to see them again. Truth be told, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas until I watch some South Park Christmas episodes. But if I’m going to watch a Christmas movie, I’ll pick one of these.

lethal-weapon-posterInstead of Santa and Rudolph, I’ll take Murtaugh and Riggs. From Jingle Bell Rock leading from the opening credits to a mostly naked woman committing suicide to a drug bust in a Christmas tree lot to Riggs giving Murtaugh a Christmas present of the bullet he’d been saving to kill himself, [...]

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Tim Burton Picks Up A Couple Queens

The latest news on the new Alice in Wonderland movie is the casting of woman-Tim-Burton-will-have-kids-with-but-won’t-marry Helena Bonham Carter and girl-with-the-Photoshopped-face Anne Hathaway. [...]

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Hi-Yo, Black Pearl, Away!

Today Disney had a big preview of several of their movies coming in the next few years. And not exactly surprisingly, Johnny Depp was the centerpiece. [...]

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Don Quixote Rides Again, Again

But since Johnny Depp is still committed to the film, it might have worked out for the best, seeing as how he’s become such a huge star since then- if, that is, box office receipts are much of a concern. [...]

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