Jackie Chan Exposes China’s Softer Side

jackie-chanIt’s been a while since Jackie Chan has been relevant. Once he broke into the US market, he was too bankable to keep on performing all his crazy stunts and seems to have put much more effort into coming up with a wider array of expressive faces to mug at the camera.

His next movie will be a departure from most anything else he’s done, playing a mechanic who goes in search of his girlfriend and ends up working as a killer for the Yakuza. It’s supposed to be heavy on drama and very light on action. Chan himself says it might be about 1% action.

But it looks like even 1% action is too [...]

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Movie Basics: Three Act Structure

Nearly all movies are based around the Three Act Structure. It’s the basic and logical dramatic scheme for a story- a beginning, middle, and end. The formal application of the concept dates back at least to Ancient Greece. [...]

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The Hughes Brothers Go To Washington

It’s been over a year now since they announced they were getting back into the game, getting nabbed for The Book of Eli. Finally, Variety is reporting that Denzel Washington has signed on to star. [...]

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News of the Atypical: Volume 1

Yep, this looks to be Michael Madsen’s directorial debut. His co-director, Bret Davidson, is a long time stunt man/stunt coordinator, crossing paths with Madsen several times over the years. Madsen will probably be remembered for the ear cutting ability on display in Reservoir Dogs, but while reading about him, it sounds like he’s always just on the verge of breaking through to the mainstream. [...]

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Showgirls – Best Opening Shot Ever?

But I’m talking the shot, the first uninterrupted image, ending at the first cut. Why just the first shot? It’s the first impression of the movie, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. [...]

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The Circle is Complete

I thought a movie about the porn industry starring Marky Mark would be pretty cheeky, so I was looking forward to it. Instead of laughing at a bunch of silliness, I was rapt. I was sitting there the whole time like Dirk Diggler in Rahad Jackson’s house- realization and understanding washing over me, only no one was throwing firecrackers around. [...]

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