5 Incredible Debuts For Actors Turned Director

There are many reasons an actor may decide to step behind the lens. Maybe they’re a control freak or a raging egomaniac that can’t stand someone else telling them what to do. They might get the whole movie thing but can’t even believably play dead. Or maybe it’s just something they’ve always wanted to try. Once in a while they come up with something unique that stands out from the crowd. [...]

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A Killing Spree In The Badlands

There have been several movies based on the Charles Starkweather/Caril Fugate killing spree of the late 1950′s. Badlands, the debut of writer/director Terrence Malick, is one such movie. [...]

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I Scoff At Your Piddly Five Year Plan

He originally signed a three year deal with the studio in 2007, but since he signed on to direct The Hobbit movies, the Universal deal wouldn’t really take effect until 2013 or so. Yep, that’s five years to make the two Hobbit movies. After that, del Toro and Universal have no less than four movies lined up. [...]

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Tarzan And The Reimagining

The article bills it as a reimagining, which, due do it’s over-over-overuse in the marketing of the confounding Plant of the Apes remake, has given the movie a cinematic scarlet letter for me. [...]

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Guitar Hero: The Motion Picture

So, one guy that’s headed toward a directors I hate list is Brett Ratner. I think it’s mostly because he’s a celebrity that directs movies, rather than a director who is a celebrity. Or maybe it’s that his generic stamp is portrayed as a seal of quality. [...]

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