This Date In Movie History

September 19th isn’t a day too many people use to reflection on what was going on with movies in years past. It’s kind of in that dead area after Summer and before the ego-stroking award season. [...]

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For Movies, June 1981 Is A Very Good Vintage

So, when looking back, June 1981 was a very good month for movies. You may be thinking that’s pretty obvious since that was when Raiders of the Lost Ark, Superman II, and the latest James Bond caper For Your Eyes Only were released, but there were several other movies released that month that made it something special. [...]

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So, one of the websites I check out daily is The List Universe. It’s a site full of lists, usually pretty interesting. The other day they had a list of the greatest Italian directors, and Roberto Benigni was on the list at #10. I hadn’t seen any of his movies, but I thought his inclusion was a little dubious and based solely on the popularity of Life Is Beautiful. I mean he made the list and Dario Argento didn’t? (aside- My greatest memory about Life Is Beautiful was when Benigni won the Academy Award for Best Actor. There was a cutaway of Tom Hanks looking thoroughly disgusted that he didn’t win, which I relished because he was turning into a thespianiacal elitist.)

A couple [...]

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