Decoding The Thrills Of State Of Play

Fresh of the move to his new domain, pacer521 was so excited he just had to write a movie review. Here’s his review of State of Play.


In a growing age of overpaid and overworked cinema that seems to be angled exactly in the path of money, it is never a bad idea to walk outside and take a breath of fresh air. And essentially, with that, I have summed Kevin Macdonald’s State of Play.

If one decided to find a well paced, well worked plot, illogical twists, a good dose of action and a popular but unquestionably skilled cast in the past few years, he/she would be hard pressed [...]

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Public Domain Movie Of The Week: The Fast And The Furious

The first The Fast and the Furious is about a man named Frank Webster who escapes from prison after being convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. He kidnaps Connie, a race car driver, who was recently banned from a California to Mexico race because, like most exciting things in 1955, the race was deemed too dangerous for women. [...]

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