News of the Atypical: Volume 1

Yep, this looks to be Michael Madsen’s directorial debut. His co-director, Bret Davidson, is a long time stunt man/stunt coordinator, crossing paths with Madsen several times over the years. Madsen will probably be remembered for the ear cutting ability on display in Reservoir Dogs, but while reading about him, it sounds like he’s always just on the verge of breaking through to the mainstream. [...]

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No Quandary For Old Men

So, I’ve seen No Country for Old Men three times now, and I’m still not feelin’ it. It’s easily the Coen brother’s best movie since 2001′s The Man Who Wasn’t There, but I’m not sure it’s really worthy of all the praise it’s received. [...]

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Lost Genre: Rip-off

So, a Rip-off is the cinematic equivalent of a burning bag of dog poop on your porch- you dive into it before you realize what’s really going on. Some people think it’s a great idea, others find it pretty crappy. [...]

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Showgirls – Best Opening Shot Ever?

But I’m talking the shot, the first uninterrupted image, ending at the first cut. Why just the first shot? It’s the first impression of the movie, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression. [...]

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Decoding WALL-E

So, since I don’t really get out to the theater, my buddy pacer521 from Politics Decoded was nice enough to brave the masses and pay a week’s salary to catch a new release. Who is pacer521, you’re wondering? You’ll know soon enough, he’s popping up all over the Internet. Not to be deterred by sticky floors and little kids, he’s been gracious enough to give us his review of WALL-E.


Disney re-opened their torture chamber to the general public today — in the showing of Wall-E. Your customary G-rated Disney flick? Not exactly. You could say Disney has explored into new territory with their first apocalyptic movie! How fitting. As soon as I [...]

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Star Wars vs Indiana Jones: Deathmatch!

So, Times Online got a little interview with George Lucas, talking Star Wars and Indiana Jones- sequels, of course! He’s noted for being very private and somewhat reclusive, granting few interviews. [...]

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Let Us Go In, The Fog Is Rising

So, whatever happened to John Carpenter? It’s been a long seven years since Ghosts of Mars was released- the last movie he made. [...]

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All Eyes On: Michael Dudikoff

Then the calendar turned to 1985- Dudikoff’s career, and heck, all of human history, would never be the same. He was cast to play Joe Armstrong in American Ninja. [...]

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You Unlock This Door With The Key Of Imagination

It looks like The Twilight Zone will be making another appearance on the big screen, and Appian Way will be producing. Yeah, that’s Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company. [...]

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This Is Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Better

So, I know I’ve been on a anti-remake jag lately, I’ll try to make this the last I talk about it for a while. I just couldn’t help it, once I saw that MTV is remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show. [...]

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