From Fresh Prince To Fresh Pharaoh

Will Smith is looking to find a new title that befits his current Hollywood status. No longer the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, he’ll now be a Pharaoh. [...]

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Mickey Rourke, The Comeback Kid

So, the awards for this year’s Venice International Film Festival have been announced, and the Golden Lion for best film went to Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler. [...]

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Henry: Portrait Of A Movie Review

Henry, played by the always great Michael Rooker, is a drifter. He spends time driving and working low-paying jobs. But he’s a little different than your ordinary drifter. Shots of murdered women are intercut with Henry’s menial activities, implying that murder may be his hobby. [...]

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The Hughes Brothers Go To Washington

It’s been over a year now since they announced they were getting back into the game, getting nabbed for The Book of Eli. Finally, Variety is reporting that Denzel Washington has signed on to star. [...]

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I Scoff At Your Piddly Five Year Plan

He originally signed a three year deal with the studio in 2007, but since he signed on to direct The Hobbit movies, the Universal deal wouldn’t really take effect until 2013 or so. Yep, that’s five years to make the two Hobbit movies. After that, del Toro and Universal have no less than four movies lined up. [...]

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Tarzan And The Reimagining

The article bills it as a reimagining, which, due do it’s over-over-overuse in the marketing of the confounding Plant of the Apes remake, has given the movie a cinematic scarlet letter for me. [...]

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In A World Where No One Can Live Forever

So, September begins the way August ended, on a bad note. Two days and the loss of two Hollywood greats. [...]

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5 Animated Characters I Wish Never Existed

This motley crew of animated jerks can throw me into a vitriolic rant as easily as any living person. The worst thing about these characters is that I first saw some of them when I was a little kid and they will account for some of the oldest movie memories I’ll ever have. [...]

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Guitar Hero: The Motion Picture

So, one guy that’s headed toward a directors I hate list is Brett Ratner. I think it’s mostly because he’s a celebrity that directs movies, rather than a director who is a celebrity. Or maybe it’s that his generic stamp is portrayed as a seal of quality. [...]

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Massacre At Central High

Although set in Southern California, Central High exists in some purgatory where only high school kids exist- no adults show up until the final minutes of the movie. [...]

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