Abandon All Hope Ye Who Read This

Just like Hairspray before it, American Psycho will be made into a Broadway musical and in a couple years that musical will be adapted into a movie. [...]

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Public Domain Movie Of The Week: His Girl Friday

For the inaugural edition of Public Domain Movie of the Week, what better choice than His Girl Friday? Directed by the legendary Howard Hawks and starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, it is a classic, some would say the classic, screwball comedy. [...]

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Where Do They Reimagine This Stuff?

Variety offers up all the gory details of a Moby Dick remake or adaptation or what have you. Yes, the “graphic novel-style version” of Moby Dick, now in movie form! That’s right, the tale of man’s futile obsession with conquering nature will be turned into a story of a crazed whale and the heroic captain that harpooned it’s ass. [...]

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Movie Basics: Three Act Structure

Nearly all movies are based around the Three Act Structure. It’s the basic and logical dramatic scheme for a story- a beginning, middle, and end. The formal application of the concept dates back at least to Ancient Greece. [...]

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Assessing The Weekend

All the beans have been counted and the results are in: Lakeview Terrace was the big winner this weekend, pulling in $15.6 million. [...]

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Sex Crime Of The Century

Revenge movies really started to come into their own in the 1970′s. Movies like I Spit on Your Grave, Death Wish, and Coffy featured seemingly normal people who become bloodthirsty maniacs hellbent on retribution. It even crossed genres, such as in High Plains Drifter, a western. [...]

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This Date In Movie History

September 19th isn’t a day too many people use to reflection on what was going on with movies in years past. It’s kind of in that dead area after Summer and before the ego-stroking award season. [...]

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Working For The Weekend

With the weekend fast approaching and a new spate of movies hitting the cinema, I thought it was time to see how my box office formula works. [...]

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A New Hat For Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis will be finally be making his way behind the camera for Three Stories About Joan. A little blurb in the Shreveport Times spilled the beans, also stating the movie will star Willis, Owen Wilson and Kieran Culkin. [...]

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Beverly Hills Ninja 2: The Confabulation

Just looking at the cast (David Hasselhoff, Lucas Grabeel, Lin Chiling), their target audience is either that deranged part of society that thinks it’s hip to idolize the kitschy Hasselhoff or the High School Musical crowd. [...]

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