All Aboard The Midnight Meat Train

If you didn’t know any better, you might think The Midnight Meat Train was the most anticipated, greatest movie you never heard of. [...]

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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: They Don’t Make Them Like This Anymore

Tobe Hooper’s career has been on a downward slide since he made The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in 1974. Maybe he’s a hack that got lucky with his first theatrically released movie. [...]

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A Review Of The Devil’s Rejects- That’s A Better Introduction Than It Deserves

William Wyler once said a movie is “eighty percent script and twenty percent you get great actors.” Unfortunately Rob Zombie’s math was a little off when he made The Devil’s Rejects, as he had about eight percent script and two percent competent actors. [...]

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Eagle Eye Decoded

As October looms ahead, we can only prepare for the great month of quality movies ahead of us. But, to celebrate the late season of blockbusters, I had to go back to the basics and see the much-hyped Shia LaBeouf in “Eagle Eye.” [...]

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Sex Crime Of The Century

Revenge movies really started to come into their own in the 1970′s. Movies like I Spit on Your Grave, Death Wish, and Coffy featured seemingly normal people who become bloodthirsty maniacs hellbent on retribution. It even crossed genres, such as in High Plains Drifter, a western. [...]

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A Killing Spree In The Badlands

There have been several movies based on the Charles Starkweather/Caril Fugate killing spree of the late 1950′s. Badlands, the debut of writer/director Terrence Malick, is one such movie. [...]

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Henry: Portrait Of A Movie Review

Henry, played by the always great Michael Rooker, is a drifter. He spends time driving and working low-paying jobs. But he’s a little different than your ordinary drifter. Shots of murdered women are intercut with Henry’s menial activities, implying that murder may be his hobby. [...]

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Massacre At Central High

Although set in Southern California, Central High exists in some purgatory where only high school kids exist- no adults show up until the final minutes of the movie. [...]

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Revenge Of The Teenage Girls

Stuart Wilson’s performance is good, but Ellen Page really stands out as Hayley. She transforms effortlessly from a naive kid to a torturous monster. Hayley’s slight figure belies her calculating, controlling demeanor. She’s a wolf in Red Riding Hood’s clothing. [...]

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Decoding WALL-E

So, since I don’t really get out to the theater, my buddy pacer521 from Politics Decoded was nice enough to brave the masses and pay a week’s salary to catch a new release. Who is pacer521, you’re wondering? You’ll know soon enough, he’s popping up all over the Internet. Not to be deterred by sticky floors and little kids, he’s been gracious enough to give us his review of WALL-E.


Disney re-opened their torture chamber to the general public today — in the showing of Wall-E. Your customary G-rated Disney flick? Not exactly. You could say Disney has explored into new territory with their first apocalyptic movie! How fitting. As soon as I [...]

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