Mamma Shows Titanic Who’s Daddy

mamma-mia-posterDespite not performing together since 1982, ABBA has never really waned in popularity. Somehow they’re still able to sell millions of albums a year. Since a reunion is out of the question, the best way to get your ABBA on has been to see Mamma Mia!, either the musical or, as of June 30th, the movie. Apparently in the United Kingdom, people have chosen to see the movie. Over. And over. And over again.

Mamma Mia! has passed Titanic as the highest-grossing movie to be released in the U.K. It has eclipsed Titanic’s 69 million pound mark (for now) by 100,000 pounds. The total equates to about $106 million.

It’s probably due to the perfect [...]

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They’ve Run Out Of Comics To Adapt, The Crow To Be Remade

the-crow-statueThe Crow will be most remembered for the on-set death of Brandon Lee. That’s unfortunate because it is quite an engaging movie with a fantastic performance by Lee. Many thought it would be his breakout role. Instead, just like his father, he will be remembered for dying young and under controversial circumstances.

Lee’s death cast a pall over The Crow that only intensified the brooding, melancholy tone and Gothic imagery. It’s generally well regarded and has a league of devoted fans. It made nearly $100 million at the box office and spawned four sequels.

So what does that mean? Well, it’s time for a do-over, of course. Stephen Norrington (Blade, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) [...]

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Sylvester Stallone Is Making The Greatest Movie Ever

sylvester stallone waxAfter the moderate successes of Rambo and Rocky Balboa, Sylvester Stallone is continuing his trip down memory lane. He’s writing and directing a movie about mercenaries in South America attempting to overthrow an evil dictator- The Expendables. By all accounts the plot is as simple as the one sentence summary. It’s simple, but totally awesome. It reminds me of (obviously) Rambo, Missing in Action, Commando- all the great 80′s military-ish action movies.

But it’s not just the plot that kicks ass, it’s the cast. Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, and Dolph Lundgren have all already been announced. Now Forrest Whittaker and UFC hall of famer Randy Couture have been added to the cast. [...]

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Paradise Lost Movie Details From The 12-Year Old Director

paradise lost luciferJohn Milton’s Paradise Lost is one of the great works of Western literature. It details Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden by way of their eating of fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil after a little nudging by Satan. Milton’s purpose for the story was to “justify the ways of God to men.” The book is separated into 12 ‘books.’ 1-4 cover Satan’s plotting and journey to Eden, 5-6 give the back-story on Satan’s war in Heaven, and 7-12 deal with the aftermath of Adam and Eve’s disobedience.

Scott Derrickson, director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose and the upcoming The Day the Earth Stood Still [...]

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Hairspray 2: Who Gets The Fat Suit?

When I say that there’s going to be a Hairspary sequel, there’s no doubt you’re thrown into a whirling cauldron of confusion trying to figure out exactly what I’m talking about. A sequel to the 1988 movie? A movie version of the Broadway sequel to the show based on the 1988 movie? No, it’s a sequel to the 2007 movie because that one made enough money to suggest there are plenty of people willing to get suckered into buying a ticket- not because there’s a compelling reason to continue the story. The movie will focus on the “superpolitical” late 1960s and the changing landscape of popular music. In other words- same story, different costumes, new soundtrack CD.

In one of the few things I’ll [...]

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Ridley Scott To Roll The Dice On Monopoly

It is with total WTF stunned puzzlement that I pass along that Scott is attached to direct a movie based on the Monopoly board game. [...]

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The Karate Kid To Be Remade, Miyagi-san Weeps

With all the dignity of a crane kick to the face, Columbia Pictures has announced they are going remake The Karate Kid. [...]

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By Crom! Brett Ratner Has A New Franchise To Kill

Is it just a coincidence that Brett Ratner’s last name sounds an awful lot like Rat Turd? Maybe his ineptitude isn’t his fault and that phonetic relation has caused him to take on personality traits not of his last name, but those associated with rat turds. [...]

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Antonio Banderas + Simon West = Salvador Dali

There’s going to be a new biopic about Salvador Dali. Okay, that’s reasonable. Antonio Banderas is in negotiations to play Dali. Sure, he’s a capable actor. [...]

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The Three Stooges Ride Again?

Next up for the Farrelly Brothers will be perhaps the most ambitiously repugnant thing they’ve attempted yet, a Three Stooges movie. [...]

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