Weekend Report: Wolverine Defeats The Pirates

The big question going into the weekend was how much the leaked copy of X-Men Origins: Wolverine would impact the box office of the movie. With movie studios launching up sob stories about how all these illegal copies of movies are stealing their profits, a nearly finished copy of a blockbuster hitting the Interweb a month before the release was their worse nightmare.


Wolverine became the biggest movie of 2009, taking in $85,805,003. It was just $3.75 million short of my prediction- a veritable bullseye. Not only did it dominate every other movie in terms of total box office, but also in per theater average. That big fat number also made it the 19th biggest opening in the history of cinema, only $500,000 behind X2. Obtaining an illegal copy of a movie is wrong, but it’s hard to take all the studio whining seriously when the first real test of the effects of movie piracy didn’t give any evidence that it impacted the gross at all. If the movie had made $40 million, I’d believe the studios’ bitching, but this was one of the biggest opening weekends ever. It’s a hard concept to wrap your head around, but maybe people will pay to see a movie they want to see. Maybe we aren’t all morally corrupt copyright infringers at heart.

Believe it or not, there were a couple other new movies this weekend. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past managed to scrape together $15,411,434, $4.5 million below my prediction. It wasn’t a huge hit, but it was a relatively strong opening considering the competition and another decent opening for a Matthew McConaughey romatical-type movie. Of course, that means production on the next one will commence in short order.

You probably didn’t notice since no one else really seemed to, but Battle for Terra did actually open this weekend. I predicted an admittedly high $2.8 million, but I thought it could get close since there wasn’t a lot of competition for kids at the theater. And really, $2.8 million isn’t exactly a high bar to reach. I guess parents must have been dragging all their kids along to see Wolverine since Terra barely made a million dollars, $1,082,362 to be exact. It wasn’t a huge release, in only 1,162 theaters, but $1 million just sounds so pathetic. Apparently no one on the Internet (at least anywhere I looked) knows what the budget of this thing was, but a lone million has to be a disappointment.

3 comments to Weekend Report: Wolverine Defeats The Pirates

  • Yeah, it seems pirating is starting to get on the nerves of studios — before this all news of piracy was played down by studios and the press releases seems to play them down.

    How about "Night at the Museum?" I thought it was more or less a joke of a remake — but its neck in neck in audience tracking surveys with Terminator. Just read that in the LA times this morning. Good post,


    • I'm sure pirating has been on the nerves of studios ever since they first thought of it. I think they were just waiting for a high profile leak like this to really screaming and cry about it and show that their FBI threats can actually happen.

      The first Night at the Museum made $250 million domestically, so it doesn't really surprise me that it's tracking well. And I think Terminator 3 is probably the only thing keeping interest in the new one from being over the top.

      Thanks for the comment.

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