Fox CEO Claims Ratings Promote Piracy

pirate-kidThe Swedish Board of Film Censors gave X-Men Origins: Wolverine a 15 classification, the highest rating the board can give, which prevents anyone under 15 from gaining admittance to the movie. Fox Sweden CEO Hansi Mandoki was obviously upset about the decision since now all those violence-hungry Swedish teenagers can’t get their blood and gore fix.

But Mandoki couldn’t just stop by saying “it is sad that so many fans won’t be able to see the film.” No, he had to keep on whining by claiming “I’m certain the decision will mean more illegal downloading of the film.”

Hearing a studio exec bitch and moan about someone not being able to see a movie, that’s nothing new. No, they’d probably serve up porn to preschoolers if it could turn a profit. They really don’t seem to care who’s in the audience as long as they’ve paid for a ticket.

It’s a little disgusting that a studio executive would feel they should point out that they’re losing money by preventing kids from seeing a movie. They would rather expose them to violence the censors deem too excessive than lose out on the chance to make a dollar. I love my violent movies as much as the next guy, but has violent entertainment proliferated our lives to the point that the CEO of a company would try to gain public sympathy by crying about how access to their violent material is restricted? Maybe it’s just me, but I’d say keeping violent images away from children is generally a good idea.

But then claiming that a rating will promote piracy of the movie, that’s a new low. Suggesting assigning a rating to a movie will cause more people to obtain an illegal copy suggests they might just claim any impediment to seeing a movie will prompt people to jump on the Internet and hit up their favorite torrent site. Everyone that wants to see a movie should be able to, otherwise they’ll have no choice but to obtain an illegal copy of the movie. And the implication of the quote is that it’s a bunch of kids who will run home and download the movie. Yes, movie studios assume all kids are criminals.

Are movies and studio bank accounts so important that anyone should be able to see whatever they want so they won’t have ANOTHER excuse to see the movie illegally? Based on what studio execs say and the lengths to which governments go to enforce laws to curb the illegal possession of a movie, then the answer has to be yes. Obtaining an illegal copy of a movie is one of the worst possible crimes a human can commit. It’s worse than baby raping. Movie pirates are eviler than real pirates.

Imagine a world where everyone could see whatever movie they want and always bought a ticket. A world like that, it’d be better than Heaven, Paradise, Nirvana, Valhalla, and the Elysian Fields all rolled into one. A place where movie studios could finally maximize their profits.

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