Why Would Anyone Want To Remake Videodrome?

videodromeSometimes you just shake your head in disgust and ask yourself what the world is coming to. For many people, that may have happened when they first saw Videodrome. For me, it happened when I read that Universal is remaking Videodrome.

The movie, well I guess I should say the original Videodrome, was about sleazy TV producer Max Renn, always on the lookout for some new trash to feed his audience. He thinks he’s found the program of his dreams when he’s introduced to Videodrome. Torture, murder, no plot. It’s got it all. And best of all, it looks so real. Max becomes obsessed with Videodrome and he soon learns his recent hallucinations are an intended side-effect of Videodrome’s brain tumor-inducing signal. It’s not long before there’s no longer a distinction between reality and hallucination, culminating with Max sporting a gaping hole in his stomach, a perfect receptacle for fleshy video tapes. He gets caught up in the struggle between Videodrome and those who want to bring it down. From there, things only get weirder.

The themes of the power of television, voyeurism, and the sanctity of the human body are all still perfectly relevant, but the distinct lack of window dressing in the delivery is what makes Videodrome so interesting. David Cronenberg has a way of visually representing an idea so viscerally that it can make his movies uncomfortable to watch at times.

This remake will “modernize the concept, infuse it with the possibilities of nano-technology and blow it up into a large-scale sci-fi action thriller.” I suppose modernizing the concept means incorporating the Internet and ditching the cassette tapes and over-the-air TV. The organic corruption of the body will be replaced by some evil nano-bots. And the story of Videodrome, if you’re going to remake it, why change it from a tiny, narrowly-scoped sci-fi/horror movie into an action thriller? I’m hearing: add some digital technology here, some scary science there, and then generic it up about 48 times. And definitely, get rid of that giant vagina on his stomach.

Are the people that enjoy the original Videodrome going to be excited by a remake that fundamentally changes the movie? Probably not. Are the people who never saw Videodrome going to be drawn in by the name? Probably not. So why remake it to reuse the name if it’s not a huge name to use? I’m not sure Videodrome has enough fans to really call it a cult movie, I just don’t understand this at all. I concede that remakes are inevitable, so I’m not really bitching about that as much as the fact that the name Videodrome doesn’t exactly carry a lot of weight. Sure I’ve said it before, but I didn’t really want to believe it: if they’ll remake this, they’ll remake anything.

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