Weekend Predictions: 04-17-09

The new ideas, they keep on rolling out of Hollywood. Take this weekend for instance. An adult mysteriously turns back into a teenager. A political thriller guaranteeing a bunch of twists. A sequel to a mindless action movie. Nope, never heard of any of those before.

17 Again wouldn’t amount to nothing if folks of the female persuasion didn’t fall all over themselves to see Zac Efron. Seriously, the people-changing-ages-and-learning-a-valuable-life-lesson genre is as played out as any and putting Matthew Perry’s name on a movie means about pretty much near nothing. So this thing is going to rely on the guy from High School Musical. And most likely, it’ll do just fine. I’m going to float a guess of $26,270,805.

The second biggest release is titled State of Play. I assume State of Play is some sort of political/espionage term, but it makes for a weird title, don’t you think? I expect this to be a well made movie, but I don’t think it’s going to make a lot of money. Russell Crowe can’t pack them in like he used to and it’s hard to take Ben Affleck too seriously, despite accolades for his performance in Hollywoodland. Overall, it’s a solid cast and crew and I think that’s the only reason this movie will make any money at all. Solid can only take you so far. $13,459,253 sounds pretty close.

I think it’s fair to say Jason Statham is becoming overexposed. He’s averaging 2-3 movies a year for the length of his career, and he’s starred in most of those movies. He’s a likable enough actor, but seeing him running around punching and kicking and shooting and brooding, it gets old after a while. Crank may go down (at least until this sequel) as the most mindless, frantic movie ever made. But it worked. Every time the movie slowed down to let you catch your breath, you couldn’t wait until it kicked back ito superoverdrive. However, I think the overexposure thing is going to catch up with Statham this weekend. My guess is the audience will mostly be fans of Crank. It won’t surprise me if Crank: High Voltage only makes around $6,607,290 this weekend.

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