Weekend Predictions: 04-03-09

This weekend’s new releases are a study in contrasts. One is the latest installment in a high-profile series, the other meets nearly any definition of an independent movie.

Fast & Furious is going back to it’s roots in the fourth installment. It reunites all the people who have gone on to bigger things since the first movie with those who couldn’t hack it without Vin Diesel headlining the movie. And they’ve gone and tightened up the title. All those repetitive definite articles in the title were just grammatically ugly and annoying. Dropping the The’s makes everything much better and just gets to the point. Finally, I can really understand what these movies are about. Now I see why Jane Austen didn’t go with The Pride and The Prejudice. She just got it right the first time, unlike the people who made The Fast and the Furious. They had to come back one more time to try and get things right. Not sure that they’ll succeed, but they’ll probably rake in around $40,297,220 this weekend.

When I say Adventureland fits every definition of an independent movie, what I really mean is that there are very few people involved in the movie that have ever been in a movie that’s played on more than 1,000 screens. Producer Ted Hope, despite having 58 producing credits to his name, has never made a movie that’s cracked 1,000 screens. And he’s done some good movies like The Ice Storm and In The Bedroom. Kelsey Ford gets second billing in Adventureland, her first movie. Jessie Eisenberg gets top billing with only two 1,000+ screen movies to his credit. And of course it’s only the third movie for director Greg Mottola. My spreadsheet for this movie is a study in division errors since there are so many blank cells. I’m going to say about $9,027,005 for this little movie.

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