Yahoo Knows How To Make A Movie List

yahoo-logoMovie lists are nothing new. In fact, I’d dare you to find a movie website that doesn’t contain one. The most well known movie list manufacturer is probably the American Film Institute. Those bastards just love turning out lists, most likely with a goal of putting every movie ever made on some type of list.

AFI’s biggest list is the 100 Greatest American Movies. Not to be outdone, others have come up with their own 100 movie lists, such as Time’s All-Time 100 Movies. These lists are nice and all, but trying to list the best movies is so subjective that the lists really aren’t more than a soon forgotten conversation piece.

But Yahoo might have come up with a list that is, for lack of a better word, perfect. 100 Movies to See Before You Die. As I read through the list, I couldn’t argue against the inclusion of any movie. Sure there are some I would have added, but none I could remove. How could you argue against Animal House or Die Hard? You don’t usually see Groundhog Day on these kind of lists, but there’s no way I’d take it off. Or The Matrix. Or This is Spinal Tap. Yeah it’s got the usual suspects like Casablanca and Citizen Kane, Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark, but what balls on these list-makers to include Titanic as a must-see. And you should see it at least once, even if it’s just to be confused about how it made so much money. The list has even got Enter the Dragon.

Movie lists are a dime a dozen or cheaper, but this one really stands out for it’s honesty. Everyone should see all 100 of these movies before they die, so some of us really need to get busy.

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