Weekend Report: Watchmen Crushes The Competition

Even though Watchmen fell $13 million short of my $68,475,712 prediction, it spanked the competition. Madea Goes to Jail came in second with $8.5 million., so my prediction of no other movie cracking $10 million was pretty astute. In fact, Watchmen was the only movie in the top 20 to crack $4,000 per theater.

Somehow Taken ended in 3rd place with $7 million. That’s a real solid number for a movie in it’s sixth week. The Jonas Brother’s Concert, last week’s number two (and will always be a number two in my mind), fell off the face of the Earth, only able to make $2.8 million for the weekend. That’s a 77% drop.

The pisspoor performer of the weekend was a very deserving Friday the 13th. $1.4 million in it’s fourth week. That transalated to $847 per theater. About 10 people were present for each showing. That’s just woeful for a movie that debuted to $40.5 million.

It’s kind of interesting to see which movies have staying power at the box office, with Taken and Paul Blart still going relatively strong and the likes of Friday the 13th and The Pink Panther 2 disappearing quickly. The box office for most movies usually goes: Saturday a little bigger than Friday; Sunday, a bit smaller. Watchmen had a $24 million Friday, $18 million Saturday, and $12 million Sunday. Big numbers all, but they fell pretty harshly each day. Friday the 13th and Twilight were both highly anticipated movies that followed the same pattern, but ended up going much different directions. Was Watchmen fueled by hype, causing it to quickly fall in the coming weeks, or will good buzz keep the receipts strong? Only The Shadow knows.

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