Weekend Report: More Big 3D Profits

To the surprise of no one, Monsters vs. Aliens handily crushed the competition at the box office with $59,321,095, $3 million north of my prediction. The interesting bit is that the 3D screens accounted for around 55% of the total gross. Fandango reports that the premium for a 3D showing of MvA at a local theater is $3.50. If that represents the average bump for 3D, then the average 3D ticket would be about $10.70. So if 3D accounted for $32.9 million, that would be about 3.07 million tickets. That leaves about $26.4 million for the 2D tickets, about 3.66 million of them. Even though 2D sold 20% more tickets, 3D represented 10% more in the gross. If there were no 3D, the gross would have been around $48.5 million, assuming a $7.20 average ticket price, almost 20% less than what it made.

Per Wikipedia, the cost of producing the movie in 3D was $15 million, or 10% of the budget. If a studio is looking at a potential increase in the gross of 20% with a 10% investment, why not try it? You’ve seen the movies where they just blow $100 million on a terrible idea with terrible talent and only make $50 million out of it, so the potential to increase the profits with 3D would seem like a no-brainer. This is all the proof you need that 3D is the wave of the future.

Second place this weekend went to a surprisingly strong The Haunting in Connecticut. It made $23,004,765, more than doubling my $10,135,648 prediction. Horror movies have been kind of up and down lately and this one lucked out by being one of the ups. Despite the poor reviews and news that the “true events” were really a sham, The Haunting really cleaned up, nearly doubling Knowing, which ended up in third place. I couldn’t find a good number for the budget, but I’m sure $23 million goes a long way to making it back.

Finally there was 12 Rounds. It brought in $5,329,240, making my prediction about $1.6 million high. All you need to know comes from the ReelViews review: “12 Rounds is the unholy stepchild of Die Hard with a Vengeance and Speed, starring a man whose lack of range makes Steven Seagal seem nuanced by comparison.” By my calculations, if they had spent the $2 million on 3D, they’d have made an extra million on this thing. I guess sometimes a movie can be so bad that even 3D fanciness can’t help it.

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