Weekend Predictions: 03-27-09

It looks like March is going to go out the same way it came in- with a big blockbuster movie.

Monsters vs. Aliens will be the recipient of all the love this weekend. The hype has been building for months, peaking with the flashback-inducing Super Bowl commercial. It probably would have helped if I had a pair of the 3D glasses to watch it, but spending a few minutes back in 1986 wasn’t so bad. You know how porn movies will take the title of a legitimate movie and make sound dirty, like Forrest Hump or Teenage Mutant Ninja Dildos? I think this movie is starting that trend in kid’s movies, obviously taking it’s title from Alien vs. Predator. But there’s a good chance Monsters vs. Aliens would have been just as popular without having to weez AVP’s juice. I think it’s probably going to make something in the neighborhood of $56,989,556.

The thing about The Haunting in Connecticut is that it’s about “The” haunting, not “A” haunting. Since there was apparently only one haunting to ever occur in Connecticut, kudos to the producers for getting the exclusive rights to the story. But the rumor is that there was never any haunting in Connecticut since this real story is really just a bunch of made up hooey. Oh well, like you expected a movie to show you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth anyway. I’m going with $10,135,648 for this one.

Finally, this brings us to the last wide release of the weekend- 12 Rounds. It’s about Mayor Tommy Carcetti kidnapping John Cena‘s girlfriend and forcing him complete 12 carefully devised/extremely dangerous/sure to include explosions games in order to get her back. It’s kind of like the low-rent action version of Saw III. As of right now on Wikipedia, the plot section for the movie ends with the statement “The movie is 108 minutes long.” I’m sure whoever wrote that really meant “The movie is 108 minutes (over)long.” I’ll go ahead and say $6,980,793.

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