Weekend Predictions: 03-20-09

This weekend Hollywood is changing things up a bit. Instead of giving us another Disney family movie, another horror remake, and another sex comedy made by a bunch of people no one has ever heard of, we get an action movie, some sort of spy movie, and a dick flick- it’s like a chick flick but about guys and features dirty jokes rather than romance.

The big movie this weekend is Knowing, kind of a big scif-fi/action/thriller sort of thing. Nicolas Cage digs up a time capsule and finds it chock full of predictions of the future- some that have come true and some that have yet to. It sounds like it could be more garbage along the lines of Next, but Ale Proyas is the director and he’s got a pretty decent reputation. This should be number one this weekend and pull in around $28,260,499.

I Love You, Man, like I said, is a chick flick for dudes. Peter Klaven is getting married and he’s got no guy friends to be his Best Man, so he goes out on a bunch of man-dates to find the perfect guy. You can tell by the premise that this is a bit of a sheep in wolf’s clothing. If you changed it to a woman searching for a Maid of Honor, it doesn’t sound near as goofy but does sound like something chicks would eat up. The movie is getting favorable reviews and the high-profile comedies have been doing well lately, so I’ll say $22,774,075 for this one.

Duplicity is hoping that you really want to see Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. Apparently they’re some sort of spies or something, but it’s pretty hard to tell exactly what the movie is about from the trailers. It mostly looks to be about Roberts and Owen looking self-confident and flirty. And I suppose that’s enough for most people. My calculation came out to $19,210,512. I think it may be a little high, but you never know these days.

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