Weekend Predictions: 03-06-09

watchmenThe question is who’s watching the Watchmen? The answer is damn near everyone since this is the only new wide release this weekend. Every other movie apparently trembles in fear of Watchmen’s greatness.

I’ve never been into comics or their high-minded cousin the graphic novel, or all this superhero nonsense either. Really, it just does nothing for me. If it’s a good movie, then great. If it’s not, then it ain’t much of a surprise. A lot of people are already in love with the movie because they love the graphic novel, but a good source does not a good movie make. Although I haven’t read more handful of comics, I know enough to know communicating the story in that medium is a lot different than doing so in a movie. Lines that sound swell in a little bubble on a page will sound a lot different spoken between characters. Sticking close to the source might make fans happy, but it’s got good potential to make movie crappy.

But this weekend, none of that will really matter. The marketing machine has been in overdrive for months and all the free press about studios battling over the rights to the movie could only help to gain more interest. If the movie is so great that studios get into a legal battle over it, shoot, it must be worth seeing. And having a legion of Watchmen fans won’t hurt, although to be honest, I never heard of Watchmen until this movie came about. Regardless of quality, people will pack theaters this weekend. I predict $68,475,712. It may not help the movie any, but it does star the actor upon whom I’ve bestowed the greatest nickname- Billy “Coughed Some” Crudup.

Everything else this weekend is just the same warmed-over crap that’s been stinking it up for weeks. With last weekend’s biggest movie barely able to crack $16 million, Watchmen could be the only movie to make over $10 million this weekend. So the skeptical person may ask if the big box office numbers for Watchmen won’t really be due to having no real competition, rather than being the one movie everyone wants to see.

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