Stimulating The Economy In 3-D

monsters-vs-aliens-3dEveryone knows that 3-D is the future of movies. Every week or two we get another new 3-D movie event to go see, even dreck like a remake of My Bloody Valentine. You need look  no further for evidence that, like it or not, 3-D is being forced down our throats.

DreamWorks Animation’s next 3-D event will be Monsters vs. Aliens, releasing on the 27th. What they hope is that people will get all hot and bothered about 3-D and opt to pay the premium over the archaic 2-D projection. DreamWorks had hoped to get a bunch of new theaters converted to 3-D in time for this movie, but there was a little issue with the economy that prevented it.

DreamWorks wanted this to be the big movie that took 3-D mainstream and would obviously do whatever they could to make it happen. One of these big ideas is to get Bank of America to allow their customers to upgrade from a 2-D ticket to a 3-D for free. So for each of these tickets, the 2-D vs 3-D difference is going towards Monsters vs. Aliens 3-D box office and into DreamWorks’ bank account.

Under most circumstances, this would just be your regular old promotion-type deal, but the problem is that, in case you hadn’t heard, Bank of America has recently received billions of dollars from the government. Now some of these tax dollars are being used to pay BoA customers to see the 3-D version of a movie.

You could argue that this could stimulate the economy by getting people to go to the theater and buy all the overpriced concessions, but the people that get the upgrade already bought a ticket. They’re going to go and buy popcorn and candy anyway. No one is going to spend any more money because of this. Well except BoA.

Could the real reason behind this promo be that DreamWorks really, really wants the 3-D portion of the box office to look big and convince more theaters to convert to 3-D and get patrons to pay that nice little bump that comes along with 3-D. Maybe they were able to swing this deal with BoA since DreamWorks President Lew Coleman was a former Vice Chairman and CFO of BoA. Yeah, it’s pretty hard to believe that a Hollywood studio and a giant financial institution would try to fleece tax payers. It’s inconceivable, really.

So when you go see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3-D next week, you might want to ask the person next to you if they got their ticket from Bank of America. If they did, you need to ask them for a thank you since you helped pay for the ticket.

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