MacGyver Was A Silly TV Show, Now It’s A Silly Movie

Wiktionary defines MacGyver as:

To assemble, or cause to be repaired or completed, an object, device, machine, or project from duct tape as the preferred repair tool, but in its absence, other items, (normally common, ordinary and mundane such as a rubber band or paper clip), not normally used for that purpose, where others would assume one needs a manufactured part, as per the design. Especially: if the items are used in ways significantly different than their intended use.

macgyver-kitEven if you never saw MacGyver, there’s little doubt you know all about the premise about a secret agent who was so resourceful he could literally make anything out of anything. I believe he once made a fission reactor out of Pop Rocks, Silly Putty, and an empty Pringles can. I never saw the show, but I still know it’s a complement when someone talks about the way I MacGyvered something.

Since the year is now 2009 and everything that graced either the big or mall screen at some point is getting remade, what about MacGyver? If a MacGyver movie sounds like the exact sort of ridiculousness the De Laurentiis family would be involved with, you’re spot on. There will be a MacGyver movie, with Dino the executive producer and Raffaella and Martha producing. There’s no mention if Giada will do the catering.

Seeing as how it’s hard to separate actor Richard Dean Anderson from the legend of MacGyver, you’d expect he’d be involved at some point, if not the star or co-star. He’s so synonymous with that character that it’s hard to know where one begins and the other ends.

This may be exciting news to you, but no matter how excited you are, there’s no doubt Patty and Selma just had an orgasm/aneurysm and lit up a cigarette.

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