How Long Is Long Enough To Start Talking About A Do-Over?

power-buttonThough I have already grown awfully weary of superhero/comic book movies, most of the world has yet to embrace that view. You seemingly can’t hit up any movie website without finding a story about some superhero/comic book movie that is/will be/might hopefully be coming out. Even here, where I’m bitching about those movies.

The movie studios and their comic cohorts are trying to make a movie of every damn comic that’s ever been made. It’s like every obscure comic they can find. Fathom, Jonah Hex, or Preacher anyone? Yeah, apparently those are comic books coming soon to a theater near you.

With both popular and obscure superhero/comic movies in the works and decades of comics to pull from, you’d think there would be plenty of fresh new movies coming out for years. You’d think that, but you’d be wrong.

As we learned in 2008, it’s never too soon to start over- The Incredible Hulk was released last year, just five years after Hulk. Why? Because the first one didn’t make Hulk fans shit themselves with joy or make a huge profit, either of which would have probably led to a sequel. But The Incredible Hulk wasn’t a sequel, it was a reboot. It just pretended that the first movie never existed and hoped audiences wouldn’t notice. The funny thing is though, Hulk made $245,360,480 against a $137 million budget and The Incredible Hulk made $263,427,551 against $150 million, pretty damn near the same numbers for both. Neither was a huge hit, but neither fell on it’s face. The result is two unrelated Hulk movies in five years, neither of which achieved the huge box office Universal Studios or Marvel Enterprises wanted. Don’t be surprised when you hear news of  re-reboot.

But this big Hulk test case isn’t deterring anyone from trying a do-over with other comic properties. Everyone was thinking Superman Returns was literally the second-coming, but it couldn’t double it’s $200 million budget. That clearly wasn’t good enough and earned us a brand new, starting-from-scratch Superman movie in the near future. It seems Daredevil is a huge star in the comic book world, to the point that making $179 million with a budget of $78 million was like a slap in the face. So yeah, we’re getting a Daredevil reboot.

Now there’s news that despite two financially successful movies in the past four years, the Fantastic Four franchise is going to get to start fresh. Not even two years after the second movie, they already want to wipe the slate clean and try again.

Are Marvel and DC convinced that every one of their properties has to be an unabashed blockbuster before they’ll give up? Are there that many people out there that are convinced the first Daredevil was compromised and should be forgotten? The damn DVD of Rise of the Silver Surfer hasn’t been out a year and a half and already they want to jump back in and pummel us over the head with more of the Fantastic Four’s mildly exciting exploits, of which none tie in to either of the first two movies.

Even though I ain’t no huge comic fan, I saw Hulk. I saw Daredevil and The Fantastic Four. Shoot, I even saw Rise of the Silver Surfer. But I didn’t see The Incredible Hulk, and dude, I’ve got no plans to in this life. One Hulk movie in five years is plenty for me, I won’t go back for seconds. One Daredevil movie a decade is overkill. I won’t be watching the reboot even if Roger Ebert says it’s the next Gone with the Wind. And holy hell, I sure as shit am not going to sit through another movie about the Fantastic Four. Ever.

I mean, all these comic book movies crowding up the theater is one thing, but do we really want to see the remake before the first one comes out on DVD? There has to be some point where even the biggest comic book fan wants them move on to something new.

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