Weekend Report: Sweet Jesus

This was a great weekend at the movies. That’s a comment on the amount of money pulled in at the box office, not on the copious number of quality movies. The total take was $189,007,885, up 22% from last week and 36% from last year. The long weekend was good to many movies- through Sunday, Taken was off just 8% from last week, Coraline 12%, and Paul Blart [sigh] was up 1%.

But all that means less than nothing when it’s fueled by another godforsaken remake. Friday the 13th pulled in with $40,570,365, $9 million above my prediction. The fact that it was released on Friday the 13th no doubt gave it a boost, but the wide appeal of horror movies these days has many twisted individuals referring to this as a great date movie. It’s a bit disturbing to think that there were millions of men and women that went to see this movie as a precursor to getting it on. I guess this now counts as romance for Valentines Day. The times are a-changing.

Permit me a small aside to rant about Michael Bay the producer. Of the six movies Bay has served as a producer, not counting those he also directed, four were remakes of horror movies, one was a prequel to one of those remakes, and one lone, lame original movie. He’s an opportunistic peckerhead that kicks dirt on the profession in which he works. It’s like he’s spitting in the face of Humphrey Bogart- some think it’s funny and other find it disgusting, but it fits the legal definition of assault.

Confession of a Shopaholic finished the weekend with $15,066,360, I was off about $1.8 million. Not bad for a movie without a big name competing with other romantic movies like He’s Just Not That Into You and Friday the 13th. The International came in $1.5 million below my prediction, at $9,331,739.

Paul Blart has made it’s mark on history as it sailed past $100 million this weekend, and due to the abundance of cash it’s made so far, who knows how high it will go. On the other hand, Gran Torino is poised to cross $130 million. The secrets to success- fat men acting funny and old men acting crotchety.

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