Weekend Report: Madea Shanks The Competition

Despite only opening two movies and having the second lowest weekend box office total of the year, somehow it was still a record-breaking weekend. I had predicted $14,363,931 for Madea Goes to Jail, but I must have transposed some numbers or something because this movie, it took in $41,030,947. It crushed anything Tyler Perry has put out before. Crushed by $11 million. I guess more people were looking forward to this than expected. Or at least more than anything else showing this weekend: the next closest movie was $30 million back.

As for the record, it’s said that this was the biggest ever opening on the fewest number of screens. What the hell that means, I know not. How do you even calculate something like that?

As far as Fired Up!, it missed my $6,882,407 prediction by $1.4 million. FU Fired Up!

My favorite number of the weekend: 80.4. That was the percentage the remake that was released last week with a title strikingly similar to the date of it’s release dropped this weekend. $40,570,365 -> $7,942,472. That’s shit, but I’ll be damned if it hasn’t already made enough to trigger a sequel. Come on people, think about what you’re doing. There are only so many movies to remake. If we blow through them all now, what do you expect them to do in the future, come up with something original?

Finally, thankfully, Paul Blart slipped under $10 million, to a lowly $6,821,377. Don’t worry, won’t be long now until it’s through hogging space in theaters. Taken ended the week at $95,034,161 and should cross $100 million in a few days. Who would have thought that would happen? And who would have foreseen Coraline jumping up to second place in it’s third week? America, what a country!

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