Weekend Report: He’s Just Not That Into The Pink Panther

Despite having a real mixed bag of new releases to go with the mixed bag of previously released movies, there was a 22% increase in total box office from last weekend. It was nice, but the movies released this weekend were a little higher profile than last week. I guess that goes to show you that maybe the Super Bowl doesn’t have a huge impact on the box office.

Coming in at number one was the movie based on a plotless book, He’s Just Not That into You. Despite shamelessly capitalizing on the title of a book that shamelessly got it’s title from a TV show having no shame, it seems women were pretty hard up for a romantic comedy, not being satisfied with New in Town. The audience this weekend was 80% female, but methinks that will balance out a bit with Valentine’s Day this weekend. The movie took in $27,785,487. I had predicted $17,895,674. Remember, my formula doesn’t account for taste.

Coraline was a bit of a surprise, making $16,849,640. Again, I was about $10 million off and it seems to have outperformed most people’s expectations. I’d say this was the only worthwhile wide release last weekend, so I’m glad it didn’t stumble in with my $6 million prediction. The weekend was boosted by the 3-D screenings, which account for around 70% of the total.

The Pink Panther 2 finished the weekend with a tepid $11,588,150. Hopefully HOPEFULLY this puts an end to the pathetic makeover of this franchise. Even though my prediction was double the actual gross, I couldn’t be happier. Stupid movie.

I thought my $22,242,860 prediction for Push was high, and it was. Almost $12 million high. Taken ended up in second place with $20.5 million, taking away a big chunk of the audience Push was hoping for. Even though they are both rehashes of countless other movies, there’s more upside to Taken, and it shows.

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