Weekend Predictions: 02-13-09

It’s understandable if you suffer a little déjà vu when you peruse the new releases this weekend. For the third week in a row we’ve got a new romantic comedy, a low profile action-centric movie, and a horror movie.

There is a Friday the 13th remake. I predict $31,622,044.

The second biggest release this weekend is Confessions of a Shopaholic. A romantic comedy based on the popular book of the same name. What differentiates this movie from He’s Just Not The Into You is the lack of big names and a PG rating. Maybe it’s just that I’m a dude, or maybe these movies are just directed at fans of the books, but even though I’ve seen the trailers for both these movies several times, I don’t really know what either one is about or what makes them different from each other. I guess the promise of romance and comedy is enough for some people. I predict it’ll swoon and giggle it’s way to $16,875,662.

Bringing up the rear is The International. What is this movie about? Without a synopsis no one would know. I think they forgot the noun or verb or something. What the hell kind of title is that? I can’t think of anything much less descriptive than any form of The [adjective]. The Green. The Loud. The Awesome. Great titles all, but there not going grab anyone’s attention. Except maybe The Awesome, because it’s, well, awesome. I think The [adjective] is going to struggle since it has good actors rather than big stars and will directly compete with Taken, which is no small task. Taken slipped only 17% in it’s second week and could pull in another $15 million this weekend. The [adjective] is going to feel the pinch. I predict $10,975,218 for the weekend.

Now, if you think you need to rush out and see all these movie right away, just sit back and relax. The releases for the rest of the month are confoundingly thin. We’ve got another Tyler Perry cross-dressing comedy, a high-school sex comedy, a Jonas Brothers concert movie, and the second installment in the Street Fighter video game franchise. Pace yourself or it’s gonna be a rough month.

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