OHDEARGOD A Slapshot Remake?

slap-shotCompared to other sports, hockey has been relatively untouched by Hollywood. It’d be easier to name a high percentage of all the hockey movies ever made than any other sport. I’m not sure how many there really are, but this list of hockey movies has everything I could think of and a few I’ve never heard of, 16 in all. Maybe it’s our way of showing Canada that they’re just America’s hat. Or maybe it’s just not popular enough to garner much attention.

Even though there have been so few hockey movies, it looks like all the hockey ideas have been used up. Universal Pictures is prepping a remake of Slap Shot. It’s often regarded as THE hockey movie and one of the best sports movies ever made. George Roy Hill was at the top of his game and the Hanson brothers are three of the most memorable characters to grace the screen. But just like Joe McGrath, Hollywood says piss on old-time hockey.

On tap to direct is Dean Parisot, most recently of Fun with Dick and Jane remake fame. A couple of big shots, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall, will produce, so it’s not likely to be a ‘go quietly into the night’ affair. It’ll be a big, flashy, kick-dirt-on-the-original-and-spit-in-its-eye kind of thing. Dammit!

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