Weekend Report: Someone Keeps Blarting In The Theater

It happened again. Against all odds, or at least good judgment, Paul Blart: Mall Cop is tops at the box office for the second week in a row, finagling $21,623,182 out of unsuspecting moviegoers. It’s mind-bottling that this movie has made $65 million. Success of this magnitude guarantees more of this drivel. I can’t wait for the sequel- Hank Shart: Parking Lot Attendant.

Needless to say, my prediction of $27,139,887 for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans was off. Underworld ended the weekend in second place with $20,828,511. With all the recent success of horror movies, I really expected it to do better. Maybe My Bloody Valentine’s $10 million cut into it’s profits a little. Or maybe people aren’t all that into the whole vampire vs. werewolf thing if it doesn’t include Kate Beckinsale in a vinyl suit.

Inkheart finished at $7,601,379, a scant $10 million shy of my prediction. Maybe the ludicrosity of Paul Blart and the hangover from Hotel for Dogs was too much for this little movie that couldn’t. And Brenden Fraser continues to prove that he can’t carry a movie on his own. But that won’t keep them from trying again.

Maybe the biggest surprise of the weekend is how Notorious fell off the face of the Earth. Last weekend it was pulling in over $12,000 per theater. This weekend it made $3,522, a 70% drop off. It looks like this was quite an anticipated little movie that didn’t give people enough reason to recommend it to all their friends.

Gran Torino looks to cross the $100 million mark this week. Despite not getting a nomination for Best Picture, Revolutionary Road had a $5 million weekend. It’ll be interesting to see if it bottoms out quickly while the nominees continue to get a bump.

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