Time For A Predator Do-Over

angry-predatorJust because a movie was made, does that necessitate that it needs to be remade? That damn well seems the case lately, with practically every movie made between 1970 and 1990 getting a do-over.

The whole 3-D thing, it’s not just that it opens a new revenue stream for the studios. Part of the inertia behind it is so when all these movies are remade a second time, they’ll all be in 3-D. It’ll be different enough so that John Q. Moviepatron won’t realize that he’s seeing the same thing for a third time.

The rumors have started to solidify around a Predator remake. It’s been something Robert Rodriguez has been involved with for some time, but it’s getting closer to happening. Predator. Predator 2. Predator Remake. I didn’t know either the franchise was dead or that people were clamoring for a remake. I’m not sure if there’s anything about Predator that wasn’t capitalized upon the first go-round. I can see a Predator 3 getting made, and I might even see that. A remake though, if this really is the future of movies, I’m just going to stop watching anything new. I shit you not.

Somehow Terminator was able to slip through the grasp of whatever Boogeyman it is that comes up with the remakes. The next Terminator movie will not be a remake, it’s titled Terminator Salvation and takes it’s plot from events that were suggested in prior movies in the series- aka a proper sequel.

I wish there were more creative people in Hollywood that could be innovative like the folks behind the third Terminator sequel. Rereading that sentence makes me a little ill, but if this is where I have to find something to appreciate these days, then whatever.

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