Is Aaron Eckhart As Two-Faced As His Character?

two-face-hospitalBack in September, Aaron Eckhart was unequivocal in his statement that Harvey Dent/Two-Face would not be returning for a sequel to The Dark Knight. He said the character was “dead as a doornail” and “ain’t coming back.”

Either Eckhart spoke too soon (even thought he did consult director Christopher Nolan) or he is as two-faced as his character because he’s changing his tune. He parallels the character’s status with that of it’s onscreen counterpart- not dead, but in a coma. Maybe he’ll pull through, maybe he won’t.

I’ve never had much interest in comics or superheroes, but I liked The Dark Knight well enough. Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker was outstanding. The story was exciting. The semi flipping over was like, whoa.

Christian Bale’s growling aside, the thing I didn’t like about The Dark Knight, actually hated and, well really hated, was the ridiculous effects for Two-Face’s burnt, actually fleshless, face. In a movie that stressed plausibility and gritty realism over superhero nonsense, they really dropped the ball on Two-Face. If half his face burnt off, he would not be able to speak clearly. I mean his cheek and half his lips were gone. Watching half his lips moving and hearing his normal voice had no place in a movie that tried so hard to transcend comic book contrivances. And running around with his face exposed to the world would have caused an immediate breeding ground for infection and would be a bloody, seeping mess.

Why did they have to take his face so far? He could have been burned plenty of other was for his appearance to mirror his inner state of mind. They didn’t need to remove half the flesh from his face. I went from totally engaged to eye-rolling guffaws. I think the problem may have been that the movie’s special effects supervisor, Chris Corbould, also worked on The Mummy. Two-Face totally reminded me of Imhotep while still in mummy form.

If Two-Face does come back, please make his face fit the rest of the movie.

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