Golden Globes Still An Irrelevant Dinner Party

Every year the Hollywood Foreign Press Association likes to invite a bunch of celebrities over so the world can watch a bunch of famous people get drunk and pal around. They have celebrities that generally have no reason to be at an awards show present awards to the other celebrities. It’s like a class reunion were only the people that were cool in high school show up and give each other awards for how cool they were.

Now, the Golden Globes aren’t really that much different from any awards show, outside of it being more of an awards dinner. Few of the nominations are based on merit, and fewer so the winners. That’s how a lot of awards programs go, but the HFPA has a bigger reputation for bending to reputation and studio pressure. It’s about who you know or who you are.

Last night’s awards were no exception. The odds-on favorite didn’t always win, but there weren’t any real long shots that made their way to the podium. For those of us without inside knowledge of Hollywood, the adjudication process isn’t always obvious, but insider Nikki Finke live-blogged the show and was pretty candid in her thoughts on how some of the winners were determined.

If you really need proof of the dubious nature of the Globes, take a look at the TV awards. The only award that wasn’t given to HBO or NBC was to AMC for Mad Men, which is lauded as one of the best TV shows in recent years. Maybe the best since The Wire went off the air. Of course, the Globes is broadcast by NBC. Since no other network won an award you have to ask yourself of NBC was really deserving or they wanted to take the time to tell you how great they are.

And HBO only makes shows that will either draw new subscribers or win awards- there’s no advertising space to sell. They don’t really have much going on in the original programming department to make anyone rush to sign up, so they have to win awards or they’re throwing money down the toilet. Any dollar they spend is one they don’t get back. The Wire may have been the greatest show to ever appear on a TV, but it never won a Golden Globe- it was a show that could generate subscribers and didn’t need a high profile boost from the HPFA.

As an awards show, the Golden Globes is worthless. But if you like to watch celebrities laughing at each other and having a good time, then you struck gold.

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