Weekend Predictions: 12-12-08

What a weekend for the triumphant return of the weekend predictions. We’ve got a overwrought sci-fi remake and an animated movie that no one has heard of. They’re the two widest releases, but they’re on total opposite ends of the spectrum.

Check out the handy spreadsheet.

The biggest release of the weekend, and the biggest in Alpha Centauri, is The Day the Earth Stood Still. If they were going to send a movie into space, why not a good movie? Fortunately all the residents of Alpha Centauri have four years for this movie to arrive. At least they have more time to prepare. The rest of us have to endure this mess right now. It’s funny that both Keanu Reeves and director Scott Derrickson both claim to have a dislike of remakes but somehow ended up in one. They defend it as a reimagining and a retelling, but seriously, the inspiration came from a producer seeing a poster for the original in someone’s office. It’s not like it was somebody’s lifelong dream to make a gussied-up version of the movie. I came up with a prediction of $30,308,659. It may be a little low, but I ain’t giving this movie any breaks.

Delgo is the second biggest release of the weekend. Unfortunately this movie won’t make squat since no one has heard of it. There are recognizable names behind the voices, but no A-listers. The movie isn’t helped by the generic story and falling into the too-violent-for-kids-too-lame-for-teens void. It’ll be hard for the movie to even pull in some people just looking for a movie to see with a name as unexceptional as Delgo. It’s the first movie from Fathom Studios, directors Marc F. Adler and Jason Maurer, and producer Jennifer A. Jones, and that is reflected in the formula. I calculated a teeny little $3,097,698 for the weekend. It’ll be a raging success to break that.

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