They’ve Run Out Of Comics To Adapt, The Crow To Be Remade

the-crow-statueThe Crow will be most remembered for the on-set death of Brandon Lee. That’s unfortunate because it is quite an engaging movie with a fantastic performance by Lee. Many thought it would be his breakout role. Instead, just like his father, he will be remembered for dying young and under controversial circumstances.

Lee’s death cast a pall over The Crow that only intensified the brooding, melancholy tone and Gothic imagery. It’s generally well regarded and has a league of devoted fans. It made nearly $100 million at the box office and spawned four sequels.

So what does that mean? Well, it’s time for a do-over, of course. Stephen Norrington (Blade, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) has signed on to write and direct a “reinvention” of The Crow. He intends to increase the realism and give it a documentary look. It will presumably be Norrington’s big return to directing, which ended with Gentlemen in 2003.

Have all the comic books been snatched up already? Is there really nothing left? I know all the studios currently have a hard-on for anything spawned from a comic book, but it would seem that this would be yet another story that doesn’t need to be revisited. There wasn’t anything so flawed about The Crow that it requires a reboot. It was a niche comic adapted into a niche movie that was able to connect with viewers beyond it’s niche. Not only is it a repugnant idea, but disrespectful to the memory of Brandon Lee.

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2 comments to They’ve Run Out Of Comics To Adapt, The Crow To Be Remade

  • A completely pointless and unnecessary remake. And who will they cast in the lead role? I really can’t imagine it. Hollywood has blown through all of the more popular comic heroes. Maybe they need to dig a little deeper. They’ve never done The Flash on the big screen. A more obscure property like ROM the Space Knight could be brilliant.

  • Furious

    Yep, pointless indeed. Actually The Flash is slated for a 2010 release, so maybe they have hit up all the comics. I have no doubt that before long they’ll get to that obscure stuff. Thanks for the comment.

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