Hairspray 2: Who Gets The Fat Suit?

When I say that there’s going to be a Hairspary sequel, there’s no doubt you’re thrown into a whirling cauldron of confusion trying to figure out exactly what I’m talking about. A sequel to the 1988 movie? A movie version of the Broadway sequel to the show based on the 1988 movie? No, it’s a sequel to the 2007 movie because that one made enough money to suggest there are plenty of people willing to get suckered into buying a ticket- not because there’s a compelling reason to continue the story. The movie will focus on the “superpolitical” late 1960s and the changing landscape of popular music. In other words- same story, different costumes, new soundtrack CD.

In one of the few things I’ll respect John Travolta for, he’s already said he’s out of the sequel and generally despises the whole sequel thing. That’s a good thing on multiple levels since it also means no one will have to see him dress up as a fat transvestite. He almost made Divine look attractive.

John Waters (who looks like the pristine image of a pedophile) has never shied away from abusing an audience, so it’s no surprise that he’s provided some story details for director/choreographer Adam Shankman. All that’s left is to hire the writers and steal money from adoring fans everywhere.

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