Assessing The Weekend: Punisher Punishes The Box Office

What do you get when you have one new wide release and the previous five week’s picked over corpses? You get the fourth smallest weekend of the year at $76,677,578- a 50% decrease from the previous weekend.

punisher skullThe only new release of any size was Punisher: War Zone. Even though 2004′s The Punisher didn’t do much even with John Travolta’s name, Lionsgate felt it was wise to give the franchise a makeover without having any recognizable names. When Dominic West, Ray Stevenson, and Wayne Knight are the biggest names, you better have a damned good movie if you expect to make any money. But Punisher: War Zone is not a good movie. It pulled in just $4,271,451 with the only competition coming from movies released up to five weeks ago. War Zone’s weekend total equates to about 20 people per showing, so even if it is secretly a really great movie, there aren’t enough people to spread the word.

For some inexplicable reason, Four Christmases was number one again. How this happened will go down as one of history’s greatest mysteries. Nearly ten million people have seen this movie so far and yet people keep going back for more.

Twilight was second at $13,046,722, a 50% slide from last weekend. Soon it will be gone from theaters and we’ll get a few months reprieve until we get inundated by promos for the sequel.

There really wasn’t much else remarkable for the weekend. The one thing that did strike me as strange- Pride & Glory, the Edward Norton/Colin Farrell flop, somehow managed to pick up 150 screens after it had been down to 30. Maybe it was just dollar theaters, but even for dollar theaters $304 per screen for weekend sounds like a losing proposition.

Image courtesy Podknox via Flickr

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