Assessing The Weekend: Bullseye

bullseyeI don’t like to toot my own horn. Really I don’t. But like Jerry Reed said, when you’re hot, you’re hot. For the second time, I’ve nearly nailed one of my predictions. The Day the Earth Stood Still ended the weekend at $30,480,153. My prediction was $30,308,659, a difference of $171,494. Not as close as I was on Max Payne, but not bad using a formula to make a prediction to the dollar.

TDTESS didn’t do as well as some of the recent sci-fi remakes, but it should do alright. $30 million against the $80 million budget isn’t a great number, but TDTESS has been pretty popular oversees and should turn a nice profit once the worldwide totals are tallied.

Delgo, on the other hand, boy I feel sorry for everyone involved with it. The project started in 1999 and someone obviously thought there was something to it if they managed to finagle it into 2,160 theaters. I figured my prediction of $3,097,698 was high, but going lower than that starts to get into historically bad performance, so I left it there. But historically bad was what it was. Delgo lied, cheated, and stole it’s way to a $511,920 weekend. That’s an unreal $237 average per theater, under three people per showing. Wall-E averaged more per screen and it’s been out 25 weeks and seen the DVD released. There must have been a ton of happy theater employees that ended up not having to clean up after a kid’s movie. And that $511,920, that’s the lowest opening ever for a movie debuting on 2,000 or more screens. On Sunday the distributor estimated $900,000 for the weekend, which would have also made it the smallest opening ever. The phrase ‘epic fail’ has never been more appropriate.

Bolt managed to pull in $7.4 million- a 24% decrease from last week. Drops of 40-60% are the norm, so Bolt is doing very well for it’s third week. Four Christmases was second at $13 million, losing only 22% form last week. By week’s end it’ll probably be over $90 million total. It should easily top $100 million before it’s gone. I hope you like that kind of movie because you’ll be getting more of it.

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