The Three Stooges Ride Again?

So, I thought Dumb & Dumber was hilarious. That scene where Jeff Daniels throws a snowball at Lauren Holly pointblank always cracks me up. Then the Farrelly Brothers made Kingpin, which was really funny, but skewed a little more toward the offensive rather than clever. Next came There’s Something About Mary, which seemed to forgo more cleverness for jokes like using semen for hair gel. Me, Myself & Irene was more of the same: a chicken stuffed headfirst in some guy’s butt, an albino named Whitey, parallel cut between a dog pooping and soft serve ice cream, etc. Then the Brothers made Shallow Hal and Stuck on You, which just seemed like platforms for jokes about fat and ugly people and conjoined twins. They tried to play it straight with The Heartbreak Kid, maybe because it was a remake and not solely their own screenplay, but that didn’t keep them form adding things like Jerry Stiller ranting about crushing pussy, a shot of the biggest bush in movie history, and a giant donkey boner. The Farrellys have been on a downward slope into the toilet since 1994.

Next up for the Farrellys will be perhaps the most ambitiously repugnant thing they’ve attempted yet, a Three Stooges movie. They have apparently been working on it for some time and finally convinced MGM to greenlight it.  They’ll have three characters that look and act like like Larry, Moe, and Curly and plop them in a modern day setting. The format is going to be three shorts that tie into an overarching storyline.

This whole idea really repulses me, as it is totally unnecessary and kind of offensive. What purpose could this serve other than stroke the Farrelly’s egos and make the studio some easy money? Is there any way this could be better than watching movies of the real Three Stooges? This movie could at best be a weak facsimile of the Stooge’s physical comedy set against fish-out-of-water situations and modern sensibilities. It didn’t work for The Little Rascals in 1994. It didn’t work for The All New Adventures of Laurel & Hardy in 1999. This is nearly as bad as the Psycho remake. Why try to poke the Three Stooges in the eye when they’ve got no way to block it?

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