Ridley Scott To Roll The Dice On Monopoly

So, it almost seems too stupid to be true. Ridley Scott is a respected, award-winning director known for his attention to detail and stylish direction. He’s made two of modern sci-fi’s greatest movies: Alien and Blade Runner. He brought the epic sword and sandal movie back with Gladiator. His name generally indicates a movie will have strong artistic content.

It is with total WTF stunned puzzlement that I pass along that Scott is attached to direct a movie based on the Monopoly board game. I can’t really think of a more overtly commercial movie for a director to make. It reeks of being a pointless money grab and I can’t really see why Scott would feel the need to direct or why the studio wouldn’t want to hire someone cheaper they could push around. Scott is a also producer, but Hasbro and Universal will have more say in the production.

I don’t really have a problem with the movie itself, it’s not the first board game made into a movie, but are we going to see more of our “great” directors doing this kind of shit? Will Martin Scorsese direct a movie about underground Pictionary tournaments? Will Jean-Luc Godard sign on for the big-screen adaptation of Guess Who? Will Roman Polanski take on the multi-layered story of The Game of Life? This is a bad/dumb/stupid/demeaning/ridiculous precedent to set.

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