Assessing The Weekend: I Was A Teenage Emo Vampire

So, I guess my prediction of the second biggest weekend of the year was wrong. Overall, $156,677,936 was spent at the box office this weekend, making the it eight biggest of the year. Even if it wasn’t as big as I thought, it was still a big weekend and almost 14% bigger than the last.

Twilight was the easy winner of the weekend, raking in $69,637,740. My prediction was $9 million low, but not too bad considering there weren’t a lot of numbers to base it on. Twilight even bested Quantum of Solace’s opening by $2 million. The numbers make it easy to see how highly the movie was anticipated: $36 million Friday, $21 Saturday, and $12 Sunday- a 40% drop each day. $12 million is good for a Sunday, but three times as many people saw it on Friday, many going to midnight showings or skipping work and school. It’ll be interesting to see if Twilight is able to hold on to that steam this weekend or if most people already got it out of their system.

Bolt fell almost $12 million short of my prediction, totalling $26,223,128. It certainly lost some viewers to Twilight and Madagascar 2, and the lightweight marketing campaign didn’t seem to give it the needed boost. Despite generally good reviews and a plot that stays kid friendly, Bolt just didn’t have the juice to stand out from the pack.

Quantum of Solace was able to slip into second place by $500,000. It cracked $100 million in it’s second weekend, but it was down 60% from the opening weekend. Although it’s still making good money, as could be the case with Twilight, the huge opening weekend was fueled by audience anticipation and the totals are quickly diminishing.

Madagascar 2 managed to fall within my estimate at $15 million despite direct competition from Bolt. Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire came in at number eleven for the weekend after expanding to a whopping 32 theaters. And for the first time, the Kirk Cameron barnburner Fireproof failed to crack $1 million for a weekend, only managing to take in 182% of it’s $500,000 budget.

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