We Can Remake Angel Heart- We Have The Technology

So, despite many poor initial reviews, you now hear Angel Heart referred to as overlooked, under-appreciated, or a cult movie. The story of a private eye hired to find a man in New Orleans and stumbling onto fresh murders at every turn isn’t exactly original, but the religious themes do add a little freshness to the story. And Mickey Rourke and Robert De Niro give strong performances. The movie is most famous for, even before it came out, the graphic sex scene, graphic as in they are both drenched in blood and they weren’t really acting, between Rourke and Lisa Bonet, which was rumored to be the reason for her exit from “The Cosby Show,” but that’s pretty questionable seeing as how she was the star of the spin-off “A Different World.”

Rather than try to capitalize on the buzz of Mickey Rourke’s career rejuvenating performance in The Wrestler and find a way push his older movies, we’ll just get remakes instead. The always interesting Michael De Luca is going to lead the charge on an Angel Heart remake. The idea apparently came from a character by the name of Josh Bratman, who’s scant producing credits includes such wonders as the Dawn of the Dead remake, The Love Guru, and the upcoming Metal Gear Solid, based on the video game franchise.

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