Tim Burton Picks Up A Couple Queens

So, the latest news on the new Alice in Wonderland movie is that woman-Tim-Burton-will-have-kids-with-but-won’t-marry Helena Bonham Carter and girl-with-the-Photoshopped-face Anne Hathaway (are her eyes and mouth really as big as they look?) have been cast to play the Red and White queens, respectively. Hathaway presumably took the role so she can talk about wanting someone to slay her Bandersnatch.

They join Johnny Depp (the Mad Hatter) as the big names in supporting roles that will attract the crowds, since Australian Mia Wasikowska’s (Alice) star doesn’t shine bright enough to do that.

The movie sounds like it will follow the Lewis Carroll book more closely than Disney’s previous animated adaptation, with Burton saying, “they’ve never quite nailed making it compelling as a full story.”

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